Tripiti Gorge is one of the most beautiful - and also one of the most difficult - gorges to cross in Crete.

Tripiti Gorge is located to the west of the Samaria Gorge. The path leading to its entrance starts just below the summit of the characteristic Gigilos mount.

Tripiti Gorge is a difficult gorge to cross, and only experienced hikers and climbers can get through it. It is a characteristic fact that a little before the entrance to the gorge there is a dangerous passage, where numerous hikers have got stuck, as they could not walk neither forward, nor back -  and two of them have unfortunately died in the process. So, never attempt to pass through the gorge without having an experienced guide with you.

Tripiti Gorge - An impressive creation of nature

Tripiti Gorge is very long – it is almost as long as Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe. But unlike Samaria Gorge, it is not easily accessible, as it has lots of difficult passages where you need climbing experience to get through.

Due to the difficulty of the gorge, about 2 days are needed to cross Tripiti Gorge - and you also have to trek for a long time before reaching the entrance to the gorge.

he things that characterize Tripiti Gorge are its high, steep sides, and its rich flora and fauna. In fact, due to its relative inaccessibility, Tripiti Gorge is a place where the wild nature of southwest Crete is very well preserved.

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