Sougia beach is one of the best beaches in Crete and Greece. Combined with the relaxed atmosphere of Sougia village, Sougia beach is a great destination by itself.

Sougia beach is one of the most known beaches in South Crete. It combines crystal-clear water and a magnificent natural environment – and, of course, the remote charm of Sougia village, which is a popular destination for visitors from all over Europe, but also for visitors from other parts of Crete, too.

The beach of Sougia is a long coastal zone with small pebbles. Its total length, from its west side where the picturesque harbor of Sougia lies, up to its east side, where there is a wonderful hidden cove, is about 1.5 kilometers.

Sougia beach, Crete - remoteness and wild beauty

Sougia beach is the ideal place to unwind and “get away from it all”. The norm here is to sit lazily on the beach all day, swimming from time to time in its marvelous, crystal clear water.

It is noteworthy that the beach of Sougia has been repeatedly voted as one of the cleanest and clearest beaches in Greece. This has to do with the quality and the depth of the water, the mild development of the surrounding area, and the lack of intense agriculture and the presence of greenhouses, which are evident in other parts of Crete.

Sougia beach is one of those special beaches that you don’t need a parasol to enjoy. The whole beach is full of tamarisk trees that generously provide their shade to every visitor.

As Sougia beach is one of the cleanest and most scenic beaches in Crete, it is no surprise that it is popular among nudists, too. They frequent the east edge of the beach, where there is a beautiful hidden cove, away from prying eyes. Although nudism is considered illegal in Greece, there are many places all over Crete that it is tolerated. In Sougia, it is not just “tolerated”: more often than not, all of the visitors, foreign, locals, and nudists, all have a good time together. It all has to do with the famous traditional hospitality of the Cretans, which is “alive and kicking” in Sougia.

Sougia beach, Crete - amenities and comfort

Sougia beach may be an ideal place for nature lovers, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

First of all, if you like to relax on a sun bed under a parasol, the beach of Sougia has them. Also, in the village there are two mini markets that can provide everything you might need.

Regarding eating out, Sougia has no less than 10 taverns, just by the beach. And we are not talking about the “touristic type” of tavern. In Sougia, you can taste authentic Cretan recipes, made from fresh local ingredients. This is the reason they are frequented by the locals, too.

Regarding cafes and bars, Sougia beach has managed to find a balance between the busy resorts of Northern Crete and a remote beach, which means you can find numerous cafes and bars to have a good time, but there will not be any noise or disturbance during the night, when all you want to do is enjoy the beach, the moon, and the splashing of the waves…

Sougia beach is in its own right one of the best beaches in Crete. It is not a secret that many of the visitors who return again and again to Sougia village, want to experience the magnificent beach of Sougia for one more time.
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