Good accommodation in Sougia, Crete, is easy to find, if you know what to look for.

Sougia accommodation comes in a quality and variety that makes it easy, even for first time visitors, to find very good to excellent accommodation.

Accommodation in Sougia caters for many kinds of travelers, including parents travelling with their kids, friends travelling together, or individual travelers. The locals, who are renowned for their hospitality, have managed to create a range of accommodation options in Sougia that is able to cater for travelers with a variety of needs.

Good Sougia accommodation - the improvement of the tourist services in Sougia

Sougia is a small and remote village. Before the development of tourism in Crete, there was hardly any accommodation in the village, and this was mainly for the locals coming to Sougia from the cities on the north coast of Crete.

During the seventies and eighties, however, things started to change, and the accommodation in Sougia became bigger and better. During this period, many locals started renting rooms in their houses, or built houses especially for tourist accommodation, and Sougia gradually obtained its very good infrastructure for travelers.

In the last two decades, the accommodation in Sougia has become more varied and more sophisticated. At the same time, many older rooms for rent were renovated to reflect the needs of modern travelers, making today’s Sougia a destination with plenty of quality accommodation options.

Sougia accommodation - the traditional and the modern

Sougia accommodation manages to strike a balance between tradition and modernity. Although the accommodation in the village provides many amenities that can satisfy even the demanding visitor, it still keeps its traditional, hospitable character.

This has to do with the will of the local people to retain the traditional character of Sougia. Apart from this being evident in the various types of accommodation in Sougia, it is also evident in the cafes, shops and taverns of the village. The locals are there to help every visitor to have a good time, in the traditional Cretan hospitality way.

Finding good accommodation in Sougia is not a problem in today’s village. If you also want to experience that “little bit extra”, which will make your holidays really unforgettable, you should try staying in one of the best Sougia accommodation options available, like Lissos Rooms, which, apart from the broad range of amenities it provides, is also perfectly located right on the beach.
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